Monthly Archives: December 2015


I admit I am one of those people who get angry when the Christmas decorations are out before Thanksgiving. I love Thanksgiving! Why? Simply put, it is the one holiday where we gather simply to express gratitude. It is a holiday that does not focus on gifts. I appreciate Christmas, the true meaning of Christmas. However, all of focus placed on buying “the perfect gift” really steals my joy! When I am running all over town, deperately searching online, for gifts, making sure I haven’t forgotten anyone on my list, it creates unnecessary stress! Thanksgiving is not about giving gifts, but celebrating gifts!

Thanksgiving, to me, is not stressful. I enjoy cooking recipes passed down over generations, using the “good dishes, and setting the table with fall décor. For those who do not enjoy cooking, I understand that may be stressful. Just remember, every burned meal makes for a good story!  My Thanksgiving is about gathering with people I love to eat delicous food, engage in liveley (aka loud) conversation, and celebrating our gifts.

Dreading a long  drive to visit family? Be grateful you have a family to visit (even though they may get on your nerves ) and a means in which to get there. Dreading cooking all day? Be grateful you have food to cook and eat. Dreading cleaning all day? Be thankful you have a home to clean. May we all find something to be grateful for this Thanksgiving.