Summer Must Haves….Grilling, Fireworks, Swimming, and….Insurance?

YES, you read that correctly. Insurance!


Insurance is one of life’s head ache causing, heart burn inducing, necessities. Insurance can also be an absolute lifesaver in the event of a loss. Summer is the perfect time to re-evaluate your insurance, examine your current coverage, and determine (with the help of an Independent Agent) if you have any areas that may leave you vulnerable in the event of a loss.


Did you know that the month of July historically has the HIGHEST number of grilling and outdoor activity related losses? That is perfectly logical if you think about typical “summer” activities, especially activities on July 4th! July 4th is a time to celebrate our country, and honor those who have fought for our freedoms. It also is a great excuse for people to gather with friends, grill out, spend a day on the boat, swim, and let’s be honest, Blow Stuff UP! Most of us have also never thought about how we could be held liable in these situations. The question “Am I covered?” needs to be asked BEFORE the loss, because AFTER may be too late!


First, make sure you have adequate liability limits. Think $100,000 liability is a good limit? Well it may be fine if you never have a claim. However, what happens if that firework you just blasted into space lands on your neighbor’s roof and sets their house on fire? Probably NOT enough coverage! Typically liability coverage, especially excess liability (umbrella) is one of the cheapest types of insurance to purchase. Buy as much as you can afford. Better yet, buy an amount that you can’t afford to lose!


Next, if you make any summer purchases (such as a Boat or personal watercraft) or plan an awesome trip, contact your Independent Agent to make sure you are properly covered! That awesome new 35 ft. sailboat you just purchased… may not be covered under your current policy. That cool new RV…probably NOT covered under your auto policy so you need a separate policy for that. Better check it out! (Side remarks, if the salesperson begins to give insurance coverage advice, ask for their state insurance license # before taking trusting their advice!) If traveling, discuss coverage limitations, especially regarding valuable items such as jewelry. Will you be renting a vehicle to drive? Better ask about your coverage first!


Lastly, make wise choices! Follow the guidelines and safety recommendations. The grill isn’t heating fast enough? Probably NOT a good idea to pour a whole bottle of lighter fluid on the fire! If you live in a neighborhood with homes close together, probably best to go somewhere else to shoot fireworks. Better yet, attend a local community supported firework show, with bigger and better fireworks. Plus you will not be literally burning up your hard earned money! Spent all day soaking up rays & drinking beer? Absolutely DO NOT drive that boat! You will NEVER have enough insurance to cover you for killing someone!


Be responsible and avoid future headaches, by properly protecting yourself and your family. Enjoy summer, wear sunscreen, and celebrate our wonderful country and the freedoms we enjoy.

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